Membership (Coming Soon)

Joining Private Flight Network does not require a significant up-front financial or long-term commitment. For a very low initial investment and even lower annual dues, you become part of an exclusive private network, gaining access to aircraft for charter at significantly reduced rates with guaranteed availability. A PFN membership means:

Guaranteed low hourly pricing on a pay-as-you-fly basis, paying only for hours flown
No hidden charges or unnecessary management or service fees
Exclusive access to nearly 6,000 aircraft around the US, Mexico and the Carribean
Taking advantage of special OneWay or Empty Leg Pricing
Rewards & points for every flight.

Choose from the following membership option:


$0 Initiation/Annual Fees

Reward Points on Every Flight

Low Rates on All Category Jets




$15,000 Initiation Fee

$10,000 Annual Renewal

Reward Points on every flight

Best Rates on All Category Jets



$25,000 Initiation Fee

$10,000 Annual Renewal

Best Rates on All Category Jets

Up to 5 Business Associates on same membership