If you own a private jet, a professional aircraft management company is absolutely imperative to safeguard and leverage this valuable asset. Flight Crews, mechanics, safety inspectors, and office personnel must all work in complete concert with one another. A quality management company like PFN will leverage its buying power and existing personnel to reduce the overall cost of your operation. We pass any applicable discounts to you at 100%. As our fleet grows, so will our purchasing power, creating even deeper discount programs. Our clients enjoy reduced rates in several areas including aviation fuel purchase, hull and liability insurance, hotels and rental cars and crew training.


Our aircraft management program offers complete management of your airplane, freeing up your time to tend to business, family, and other important aspects of your life. Our first goal is to assess your specific needs and expectations. Then we will design a management program that works best for you and your aircraft, potentially achieving new levels of flight efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Services include:

24 Hour Concierge Service

Crew/flight scheduling and Dispatch

Hangar operations and aircraft cleaning

Aircraft maintenance tracking

Crew hiring and training

Fuel purchase

Complete accounting



When your aircraft is undergoing scheduled maintenance, or if you simply require a different size airplane for a particular trip, we’ll keep you flying on either one of the airplanes in our fleet or by coordinating with our partner network to locate an appropriate aircraft.

From our in-house maintenance facility, we employ proprietary state-of-the-art systems that confirm timely compliance with your aircraft’s approved maintenance program. Our specialists monitor all maintenance procedures and flight operations to ensure a safe flight every time. Our maintenance personnel, like our flight crews, receive extensive and continuous training. Our Chief Maintenance Technician is in communication with premier manufacturers, and with access to their maintenance systems is able to stay abreast of any service bulletins or new procedures issued by the manufacturer.

We will ensure:

  • All maintenance is performed in accordance with FAA and manufacturer’s regulations.
  • The management of all inspections, repairs and overhauls performed in-house or by outside contractors.



You do not have to own an airplane to be a client. With hundreds of years of combined experience in the private aviation business, Private Flight Network specializes in tailoring solutions for your private travel needs. Whether it’s one trip or a long term solution, we will identify the best, most efficient private flight solution for you.

If you own an airplane and would like to offset some of the costs, Private Flight Network can help locate other people with similar flying habits. Many of our clients have found partnership to be a more cost effective solution, as fixed costs are equally divided among the partners.


With an asset as valuable as an airplane, it is crucial that your bankers have a well-established, proven track record. Private Flight Network works exclusively with lenders who specialize in the aviation business. These industry professionals understand every subtle nuance of the aviation business, which results in our clients being privy to the most competitive rates available.

Sales and Acquisitions

Private Flight Network has a global network of sales agents at our disposal, and extensive marketing expertise. Whether you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft, we will find the right fit and the best deal for you.

We use the latest marketing media concepts, internet tools and software to support your purchase or sale. Our worldwide clients come to us knowing we are in the center of the market and can save them time and money. When it comes to determining the value of an airplane, we have a straight forward and honest approach that will be supported by the most current database of recent transactions of similar airplanes. You need to know the real value and issues associated with any aircraft. With over 50 years of experience in buying and selling aircraft, we know how to protect your interest and make it work for you. Many of our clients are repeat customers who expect the best and get it.


Please contact us regarding any of our flight services: