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At Private Flight Network, safety has and continues to be our #1 priority. Our safety and security practices are of the highest quality and are taken very seriously, not only meeting, but exceeding the FAA requirements. In addition to the FAA training our crew must comply with every six months, we have an internal Safety Management System (SMS) in which all employees are required to follow.

These procedures are often evaluated and modified as we strive to improve and be the safest operation possible. At Private Flight Network, we ensure that all components of our safety standards are met on every trip to provide the safest travel possible.


Part of our job at Private Flight Network is to identify the most economical solutions to fit your unique requirements. As we customize a program for you, there are no buy-in fees, markups, or extended obligations.

Strong relationships with vendors and fleet discount programs provide competitive pricing on fuel, training, insurance, maintenance and other services. The discounts we negotiate are always passed through to our clients to ensure complete satisfaction.


Find comfort in the fact that you will be working one-on-one with an expert who not only you know, but more importantly, who knows you. At Private Flight Network, there are no automated phone systems or layers of middle management. We pride ourselves on our exceptional communication with clients and their satisfaction.

Our team at Private Flight Network shares a common love for aviation and a genuine desire to provide an exceptional service that is often neglected by larger management companies.


While our headquarters are based in Morristown, NJ, Private Flight Network is a global operation. Over the years, we have established many relationships and developed an extensive network of charter operators, brokers, vendors and many other industry professionals that extend and expand our world wide capabilities.

Many of our clients travel around the world on a regular basis, and we at Private Flight Network are with them every step of the way to ensure a safe journey and hassle free experience.


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