Welcome to Private Flight Network, a full-service private aircraft Management and charter company based at Morristown Airport (MMU) in New Jersey. With 25 successful years in the private aircraft management business behind us, and having managed private jet and turboprop airplanes for some of the most prominent individuals in the United States, we are more than qualified to handle all your air travel needs. We take care of pilot/crew hiring, training and scheduling, fuel purchase, hangar operations, insurance, accounting, aircraft maintenance, consultation, cleaning, servicing, sales & acquisition, and much more. We also offer an unparalleled Charter Flight experience. From the moment you choose an aircraft from our fleet, you’ll revel in the luxuries that come with traveling in the comfort and privacy of your own personal plane. Finally, if you are looking to buy or sell an aircraft, we will leverage our 50 years of specializing in the Brokerage market, working with our global network of sales agents to find the right fit for you, at the right price.
Commercial airport security lines, departure delays, and the general uncertainty surrounding airline travel have all contributed to a major increase in the demand for alternative air transportation. Our mission is simply to provide our clientele with superior service using a safe, economical, and customized approach. Our philosophy enables our clients to safely fly anywhere – on short notice if need be – while maintaining the unparalleled level of quality service we provide all our clients. Top business executives, athletes, entertainers and movie industry executives have depended on Private Flight Network for many years, but ALL of our clients are VIP.
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